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1966 He was born in Görele, Giresun and spent his childhood in Eynesil.

1974 He settled in Istanbul with his family.

1978 He became interested in musical instruments like flute, tabor and traditional stringed instrument called 'baglama' with the influence of his brothers.

1981 He began his academic education at the music academy of Yavuz Top - leading baglama artist in Turkey- studying baglama and solfegé for one and a half year.

1982-83 He studied in Istanbul University Conservatory Turkish Music Department for a year.

1984 He participated into an education programme at the Folk Music School of Turkish Folklore Association (TFK)

1984-86 He gave baglama and solfegé lessons at ‘ Fırtına Baglama School .

1984 By the end of the year, he started doing musical compositions for folk dances while orchestrating and performing his world famous "KAVAL". He also supervised the studio recordings of these compositions.

1985 He started his five-year education at the ITU State Conservatory, Fundamental Sciences Department as well as continuing his teachings at TFK.

1986 After this time on he carried on his musical career as a composer and supervisor for many successful albums as well as performer in group concerts.

1999 From this year on he has been working as a musical director and supervisor, composing and arranging music for short and feature films and TV series.
Kemal Sahir Gürel